Green Tea Benefits

How Does Green Tea Extract Help You Burn Fat?

Green tea is known by physicians everywhere to be beneficial in many ways. The EGCG in the tea leaves helps to prevent cancer, strokes, diabetes, as well as protects the skin from disease and even prevents premature signs of aging. These are not the only health benefits, because it has been scientifically proven that green tea helps the body to naturally burn fat and lose weight.

Green tea has many unique catechins, including epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG. Green tea is not processed to the extent that all other teas are, and therefore has the highest concentration of EGCG and other natural extracts. There are not many foods or beverages that incorporate EGCG found in our daily diets, and therefore vitamins and supplements are required for this extra bonus. EGCG is found in the green tea leaves, and since there is so little processing, the leaves hold this antioxidant.


The EGCG has been put to the test in many medical studies, to lead researchers to the conclusion that green tea is scientifically proven to burn fat naturally. It is also found to prevent atherosclerosis, blood clots and cancers. Green tea is known to be a thermogenic fat burner, meaning that it speeds up the metabolism so that more fat is burned. When the metabolism is set into motion, it feeds from energy stored in the body. Most times, this is in stored fat deposits. When the metabolism begins to work, it processes food and beverages that are in the stomach. This takes time for different types of foods, but generally speaking, for junk food it only takes about 2 hours to process foods. The food in the stomach has all the nutrients and vitamins stripped and stored or used in the body, and then it is sent to be excreted.

When the metabolism works on healthy foods, it can take more than 4 hours for the metabolism to work and get all the nutrients processed and return to a sedentary state. Junk foods include more fats and calories than healthy foods, and therefore there are not as many beneficial nutrients than in healthy foods so it takes less time to process. Since it takes less time to process unhealthy foods, the metabolism does not work as long. When working, the metabolism eats on the stored fats, and processes fats in the stomach so they are not absorbed. Since the metabolism would work longer and remove stored fat when processing more nutritious foods, it is not only healthier to eat better foods, but also will help you to lose weight.

Process of Metabolization
Green tea extract is better than other teas due to the process. Most teas are brewed and then dried, and then brewed again to get the wonderful tea we partake of. Green tea is steamed and then dried, so the nutrients and the EGCG is still in full force when you receive it. With this in your system, the metabolism is in full effect and will work harder to process foods, and in turn burns more fat.

To help burn fat with green tea extract, you can eat a nutritious meal 3 times a day and exercise for at least 10 minutes. Although the green tea extract is thought to work alone, it can never hurt to add healthy lifestyle changes to the program. Heart healthy exercise such as walking or running will help to speed up the metabolism, as this uses energy. Any time energy is used, it has to be replaced. Therefore eating small meals throughout the day keeps the metabolism working and keeps you fueled for more energy.

Pills or Drink?
When using green tea extract to help burn fat, you can purchase this in many forms. There are pills that offer a percentage of green tea extract in the ingredients, as well as the whole green tea leaves that can be brewed for the extract. When buying green tea extract, make sure to look at the ingredients to make sure no additional caffeine is included, as well as sugars. Some diet supplements that offer green tea extract market the product to be all natural, but in fact add caffeine and sugars to help give a noticeable boost in energy. Green tea extract should make up at least 10% of the ingredients and should be the only active ingredient in your pills.

Green tea energy drinks are also available on the market, but add in major amounts of caffeine and sugar that only work on the metabolism the same as junk foods. So it completely defeats the purpose of drinking green tea if these ingredients are included.
With the major amounts of green tea extracts that are available today, it is important you know the benefits of the extract as well as how to use it in order to get a good product and great weight loss from your product.